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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your cushion inserts made from, and how can I wash/dispose of them?
    Here at Primrose Cushion Co. I am conscious of our environmental impact/footprint and Animal Rights . The cushion inserts supplied are made from 100% Super Micro-Fibre . We do NOT provide feather-filled cushions. Your Cushion Inserts are machine washable at 40 Degrees. To reduce your carbon footprint and the effects/impact of micro-plastics, we recommend using a 'Guppy Friend' Washing Bag to wash your Cushion Insert. To dispose of your Cushion Insert responsibly, we recommend using UK Retailer Dunelm's 'Textile Takeback' Scheme, where they will responsibly recycle or re-use your Cushion Insert.
  • Can I wash my cushion cover?
    Yes, you can. Make sure you wash your cushion cover on a cold wash (30-40 Degrees) and Air-Dry. You can also Hand-Wash. To retain the sharp colouring and prevent colour-run, we recommend adding a colour-catching sheet to your machine when machine washing your cushion cover. DO NOT Tumble Dry.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes. If you would like me to make bespoke cushions for you, please contact me on the 'Contact Us' Page of this website. If you already have fabric that you would like to use, or you would like me to source any vintage Laura Ashley Fabric or designer fabric of your choice for a commission, please get in touch.
  • Why are the cushion covers smaller than the cushion insert?
    I make all of the cushion covers around 2 inches smaller than the cushion insert used, so as to give the cushion a plump and full look. However, if you'd like a bespoke cushion size, please get in touch with me via the 'Contact Us' Page on this website.
  • Do you use vintage Laura Ashley fabric?
    Yes, most of the cushions will be made from vintage remnant Laura Ashley fabric. It will be clearly stated on each description of each individual cushion advertisement as to whether the cushion is made from Laura Ashley fabric or not. Due to the nature of vintage remnant fabric, there will occasionally be small blemishes to the fabric. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated and photographed on each description of each cushion advertisement. Moreover, some vintage Laura Ashley remnant fabrics will be 'one-off' designs, however if you would like me to try and source fabric of a similar design/pattern please contact me on the 'Contact Us' Page on this website.
  • What size cushions do you make?
    The majority of our cushions will be 50cm X 35cm lumbar size, 45cm X 45cm square size or small 40cm X 40cm size. Please read the description of each individual cushion advertisement for sizing details. If you would like a larger cushion (50cm X 50cm, 60cm X 60cm etc.) or anything smaller than a 50cm X 35cm ( 50cm X 30cm, 40cm X 30cm etc.) or anything longer such as a Draft Excluder please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' Page of this website.
  • Do you only do Ruffled or Piped Cushions?
    No, we can also make cushions with no trim at all, or with an Oxford-style boarder. We can make cushions with zips or with a traditional envelope closure. If there is something specific you are looking for in regard to cushion trim, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' Page of our website.
  • Why are Ruffled cushions more expensive?
    Here at Primrose Cushion Co. we aim to reasonably price our cushions based on fabric/equipment costs and labour. Ruffled cushions use significantly more fabric, and therefore incur a larger cost to create.
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